Saturday, April 20, 2013


True story.

Arielle's Saturday work days are finally over. She finally has a weekend. She no longer has to get up early on Saturdays and drag herself to work. This has been a YEARS-long wait and it has JUST this weekend finally arrived...thus, it is Saturday morning and Arielle is sleeping at last.

At 8:00 am the house phone rings twice. Rick (who is downstairs and awake) grabs it.

Caller: "Rick? Is this Rick?"

Rick: "YES?!"

Caller: "This is the Association of Firefighters..."

Rick: "THANKS FOR WAKING UP MY WIFE, YOU F**KING ASSHOLE!!!!" He slams down the phone.

Sorry for the language... but like I said, true story. :-)


  1. oh my! He may have seemed like an ass to the ASSociation of Firefighters, but he was a doll to you ;)

  2. LOL! Add another reason to my personal list of why I love Rick!


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